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If you are in the midst of planning a move, you are not alone, on any given day, thousands of people are moving to new destinations and we help them get there. Most reasons for relocating are related to finances, personal relationships and career changes. When these factors strikes, Tiger Team Movers, is here to make that your moving experience as easy, affordable, quick and stress-free as possible. Be it a commercial move, moving to your new home, or just moving across the streets, we are here to offer a lifting hand.

Tiger Team Movers provides top notch moving, storage and packing services with quality packing supplies, great customer support and competitive prices. Through our commitment, experience and expertise, we have established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! We consist of able team of competent and experienced professionals that are dedicated to the great work we have ben able to deliver over the years.

Our wide range of services include full service move. We also offer home moves, apartment moving, office relocating and local relocation services. We also have an array of storage services, which includes temporary storage or warehouse storage depending on your need.

At Tiger Team Movers, we also have packing services and provide packing service as well as packing supplies. We are very careful and considerate of our clients’ items and that’s why people have kept on recommending us to others. We endeavour to provide quality services and products as has been our custom, and we hope that stopping by here will be of help to you. We welcome your valuable feedback about our website and would appreciate any comments so that we can help with your moving needs.

We understand that the process of choosing a good mover can seem daunting. And that’s why at Tiger Team Movers, we have summarized some few steps to hiring a Mover, a reliable mover who fits your budget just as Tiger Team Movers does.

1. Get recommendations. Ask friends, co-workers and local real estate agents. Look in the phone directory for moving companies that have offices near you. You are going to get an in-person estimate of how much your move will cost. Don’t rely on any estimate that comes from someone who has not looked into every one of your closets and belongings. Don’t assume that big-name companies are the best, unless if that big name is Tiger Team Movers. Do not get estimates through websites that offer to find you a mover. Find the mover yourself and avoid the numerous scams associated with some of these sites. And again don’t use household-goods brokerage services that find a moving company for you, they are not regulated by the laws that movers must follow.

2. Do an initial screening. When you have a list of recommended movers, go online to do a quick background check, you can do a thorough check later.

3. You should end up with at least three or four companies to call for an in-home estimate. If you are moving to another state, ask if the company will give you a written binding estimate, or, even better, a commitment not to exceed estimate. Both types of estimates put a guaranteed cap on what you will pay for your move. And while interstate movers are allowed to charge you for binding estimates, we at Tiger Team Movers will offer them free. Estimates for interstate moves will be based on the weight of items you are moving and in the distance of the move.

4. When a representative comes to your home, show him everything you want to have moved, in the closets, the backyard, and even the basement. If on your moving day, the foreman believes you have significantly more stuff than was calculated in your estimates, he can challenge the original estimate(before everything is on truck, not after).He can’t force you to pay a higher amount, but he does not have to move your stuff for the original amount either. And at that point you probably don’t have a lot of other options. Also make sure the estimator knows about any conditions at your new home that might complicate the move, such as stairs, elevators or significant distance from the curb to the closet door .While the estimator is at your home, get as much information as you can about the company. Make sure it will be moving you itself, not contracting the job out to another mover. Find out vital information like how long the company has been in business.

5. Review the estimates. The estimate may be a combined document that when signed by you and a moving company representative, serves as your order for service and bill of lading, too. These along with the inventory list created when your goods are loaded, are the basic documents any mover should provide you with. For an interstate move, the estimate should clearly describe the type and quality of goods you are shipping. the distance to your new home, when your things will be picked up and delivered, and any other additional services(such as packing)and supplies the moving company is providing. If you want to purchase additional insurance from your mover, make sure you understand the costs and details of that coverage. For an instate move, for which you can’t get a binding estimate you should still get a written estimate that sets out the hourly rates and any additional costs you may incur(for supplies, tolls, driving time to and from the mover`s facilities)

At Tiger Team Movers, our priority is exceptional service to our esteemed clients.
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